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The future is today!
anc have the solution to your needs, from instant chewing gum removal without the need for super high pressure washing right through to environmental air pollution control. To the left is just one of our tests for natural environmental cleaning for a facade.  From top left to bottom right.  Day 1 - Coating applied to control area, non visible.  Week 1 - Starting to show signs of natural cleaning.  Week 3 - Evident sign of natural cleaning power.  Week 8 - Stone face cleaned by utilising the power of nature.    No chemicals were used to clean, prepare or modify the surface before the application of a radicalX product.  radicalX utilised the natural daylight and the power of photocatalysis. MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO THE ENVIRONMENT, CLEAN IT AND PROTECT IT - ALL IN ONE!
A race company that wants to protect the delicate front end of their diffuser is totally different to the needs of a client who manufactures road sweepers and wants to protect against environmental damage.  The doctors who need their waiting room(s) to be actively combating infection spread;  the professional chef who wants a spotlessly clean hygienic kitchen environment.  Just a few of the solutions we provide.
We work with you - Each of our clients have specific and individual needs.
How does it work?
ULTIMA UV Light radicalX Active Coating OH OH OH OH Hydroxyl  radicals created SHIELD  Bacteria Viruses VOX NOX  OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH Radicals seek out living micro-organisms Cell structure is broken down H O 2 H O 2 H O 2 C O 2 Formation of harmless water and carbon dioxide
It’s not just about cleaning, it’s about protecting the asset from further erosion, air pollution damage, UV fade and all manner of other aspects.  But, the major part is making your asset last longer and to enhance its visual looks.
To find out how anc can be of assistance to your business and its environment protection along with asset enhancement and extending its longevity, contact us to discus your needs.