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New radicalX launch April 2018
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Fed up with the conservatory glass greening, UPVC fading and having to continually keep cleaning it.  That was and is a thing of the past. radicalX it! radicalX utilises advanced NANO technology, using the power of nature and natural daylight to generate a self cleaning solution to this problem.  The natural daylight activates the surface coating releasing natures own cleaning power.  Destroying mould, algae, bacteria spores and more. True self cleaning - only needs daylight. Not just the conservatory but also paving slabs, garden furniture and a host more.                  No more algae greening!
Around the bathroom, shower screens staying cleaner, tiles remain ultra clean and the ceramics glisten, just a few of the benefits of using radicalX product range. Super hydrophobic - repels water from all treated surfaces.  Extreme longevity, months of hassle free bathroom maintenance and no build up of grime and staining etc. 
launch April 2018
The kitchen has never been so easy to keep clean with the use of radicalX products.  Shiny tiles and cabinets, finger print-less surfaces and virtually zero dust build up.  Zero grease on splash backs.  Ultra Clean surfaces.