Easy to use Nano protection coating.    SHIELD can be applied too all exterior surfaces, paintwork / glass / plastics / alloys and surrounds.  Use SHIELD on top of already protected paintwork.  Produces and delivers an extremely hydro and oleo phobic surface. Provides water sheeting. Perfect beading.  High gloss shine and surface protection from the elements for up to 6 months plus.

All year round protection. Showroom brilliance - perfect wet look finish.  Repels all liquids and grime. Enhanced depth of colour.  Full ultra violet protection.  Bird, insect and fuel stain/burn in protection.  Easy clean vehicle.  Instant effect, no long curing time.  Brilliant water beading.  Long lasting.  Extreme Ph resistance.  Multi layer-able. Perfect for helmet visor water repellency.


Typical Use - NANO Protection Finish & Shine