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HybridX Ex7 FUSION  Professional

The ultimate in vehicle  protection, this is a highly Advanced NANO coating which was created to address the needs of the medical, marine, military and aerospace sectors.

It is massively resistant to the elements and is Professional Technician applied only.

HybridX Ex7 FUSION reacts atomically with the substrates surface and forms an abrasion resistant coating with extreme bonding properties on metal, glass, acrylic and painted surfaces. This extremely tough coating does not peel crack or flake and enhances the substrate with is own glossy finish. Producing a 3D mirror reflective surface on gloss and a silk sheen on matt surfaces.  It generates a thin transparent coating with extremely high impact strength and is resistant to alkali, abrasion and a host more. Extensively tested to ridiculous levels and extreme temperature -90 - +750°C  

HybridX Ex7 FUSION is permanent and resists all but the harshest of chemicals, even rocket fuel does not remove or get past it.

HybridX Ex7 FUSION is only available at dealership level or professional application and at present in limited geographical areas. However, we are developing this service to a national basis.

This is Permanent Protection; tests prove HybridX Ex7 FUSION will continue to protect for a minimum of 15 years under normal conditions.

HybridX Ex7 FUSION is extremely tough but should not be considered as a full corrosion protection system. You still need to clean your vehicle. Pixies and fairies do not come out at night and do that for you.

Our own testing: Kawasaki Z1000SX purchased for product testing only lost £500 when sold to a dealership after: ridden 7000 miles in a year.  During the period November through to April the bike was only rinsed off with clean water. It was ridden 20 miles every day during this period in all conditions, ridden behind a salt spreader on the M4 for approx. three miles for chip testing and salt protection testing. Left outside uncovered during this period and subjected to even more extreme testing.  The bike was still considered A1 mint condition by the dealership when traded in. Testament to the durability of HybridX Ex7 FUSION coating.

Simply put the best of the very best! Advanced NANO Coating are so confident in this service, we include a 5yr limited warranty.

Prices from £250.00        To enquire about this service please contact Advanced NANO Coating.





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