HybridX - Professional Coating Polish - what is it? and how does it work?

Strictly speaking our Professional Coating Polish products are not a polish by true definition.  A polish by true definition is a product that has a cutting agent/element in it.  None of our products have cutting agents or elements.  We use the term polish, simply for the benefit of general product understanding.


If you have read about our Advanced NANO Coatings then you will be aware we use a precious mineral at NANO size particles within our coatings. Its the size of these particles that gives the unprecedented finish, penetrating the substrate and forming a super smooth finish.

The optical clarity of the stone mineral creates reflection and refraction.

Reflection, reflecting the natural light producing an unparallel high gloss finish to gloss finished surfaces and a silk sheen to matt surfaces. The surfaces adopts a near perfect wet look.

Refraction, the natural light passing through the stone mineral creates added depth of colour to the surface. A perfect 3D holographic surface.  Almost looks as if you could dive into the paintwork.


Successfully isolating dirt, dust, water, salt, ultra violet and even oil from contaminating the surface, aides against aging and paint fade factors.  Virtually an impenetrable barrier against the elements.


Filling up the materials' pores will increase the materials' density. With higher density the surface will become smoother and increase its water repellent or hydrophobic and oleo-phobic ability. Dust, Dirt, Oil, Sap, Tar will no longer easily stick on the surface and easily removed with no harsh chemicals.

The vehicle now stays cleaner for longer.


HybridX Professional Coating Polishes bond at the molecular level and become part of the substrate. This means extended life expectancy and higher resistance to PH and chemical attack. On record from a happy customer ULTIMA was still going strong after 2.5 years after just one application.


Ease of use is always at the forefront in our development programme. All our polishes adopt the principal, apply and buff off with minimum of effort and no heavy muscle required. Perfect wet look results every time with no swirl marks or smears.


After application RESIDUE DUST FREE

Smooth surface

Can be applied repeatedly on the same surface to enhance long term effects and easy to maintain.

Increases the glossiness of the body, brings out the vibrancy in colours.